FAQ about Yuzhu Peak mountaineering trip

January,09 2022 BY Mountaineering China

How to climb Yuzhu Peak? If you want to know more questions about the Yuzhu mountaineering trip, you can find the answers here.

1. Is there any restriction to attending Yuzhu Feng tour?

Travelers aged 18-70 years with good health are acceptable to attend Yuzhu Feng tour. It is unnecessary to get an 5000 meters climbing certificate but medical examination report is needed to apply for climbing registration.

2. What is the best time to climb Yuzhu Feng?

From May to Oct is the best time to climb Yuzhu Feng. Most travelers can summit successfully. In both May and Oct, they are relatively cold compared with other months ,while the snow scenery is quite beautiful.

3. What kind of medical examination report should I take before departing?

Travelers need to take a chest X-ray and an electrocardiogram at a hospital or a physical examination center at or above the county level within three months before departure.

4. How can I get to Golmud to attend the tour?

You can take flight or train to arrive in Golmud, Qinghai province.

Flight: direct flight from Xi’ning, Xi’an, Chengdu or transit from Xi’ning and ect.

Airport: about 15km to downtown, 30 minutes driving

Train: from Xi’ning, Xi’an, Lanzhou and ect.

Train station: about 3.5km to downtown, 10 minutes driving

yuzhu summit

yuzhu summit

5. How should I do if I don’t have technical equipment or don’t know how to use it?

We will provide rental service of the whole set of technical equipment and distribute them in Xidatan. There are training courses in Xidatan and Base camp. You will get trained and learn how to use them.

6. What is the differences between 1:2 and 1:1 Mountaineering leader?

Mountaineering leader 1: 2 means 2 team members with 1 professional mountaineering leader.and from Base camp to C1 camp, team members need to carry own package.

Mountaineering leader 1: 1 means 1 team members with 1 professional mountaineering leader when summit and team member does not need to take heavy package.

7. Can my electrical equipment get charged during climbing?

There has a generator in Base Camp, so you can charge. However, after arriving at C1 camp, you need to prepare the power bank in advance.

8. Do I need to prepare road trip meals during mountaineering?

During mountaineering, we will prepare breakfast and dinner in camp and road meal for lunch. You can take some snacks with you.

9. Do we trek to Base Camp?

We can drive directly to Base camp with luggage.

10. Are there internet signal during mountaineering?

There has Wifi in Xidatan and the signal of CHINA MOBILE is better compared CHINA UNICOM and CHINA TELECOM in Base Camp. There are occasional signals in C1 and the summit.

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