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January,09 2022 BY Mountaineering China

Words from our CO-FOUNDER: Gerhard Lübken

My name is Gerhard Luebken. I was born in a small town in North West Germany. Immediately after graduation at Berlin Technical College I started to work overseas in Taiwan. I worked there for 7 years before transferring to Japan. After 3 years in Japan I was offered a position in China where I worked for 12 years. Business wise, that was a great time though, except for the top sightseeing spots like Great Wall and business travel, I did not see much of the country.

nama summit

nama summit

When I left China for US I regret not having spent more time to visit different places in China. After 6 years US I returned to China. The first 18 month I followed my previous patter to spend vacation in Germany and at beaches in South East Asia missing again the cultural and nature visiting spots in China.

That all changed with the CORONA pandemic. So unfortunate this pandemic is, so fortunate it was for me to start spending my vacation in China.

I did mountain climbing and hiking before in Europe and the USA which I really enjoyed. Accidentally I stumbled across a mountain climbing story of Haba Mountain in Yunnan province. What caught my attention was the possibility of climbing a mountain as beginner above 5000m.

I got in touch with Tibet Odyssey Tours which made all arrangements and gave me some advice regarding mountain climbing. I was not sure whether I at all will be able to climb the mountain but it worked out fine.

yuzhu peak climbing

This was an absolute outstanding experience. Reaching the summit after an early leaving of the base camp, learning to be resilient, endure the length of the climb, being patient and ultimately listening to your body is a very outstanding experience.

yuzhu peak climbing

I climbed since then two more mountains which where Yuzhu Moutain in Qinghai with 6177m and Nama Mountain in Sichuan with 5588m.

It is difficult to say whether these climbs changed my life but they definitely had a positive effect. Smaller things that have bothered me in the past have become trivial.

Reaching a summit is an outstanding experience. There is the close connection to nature with all its beauty and also harshness. There is the feeling to have overcome being tired and exhausted and having endured the climb. Then there is the feeling to be ultimately on the top of the mountain.

The 2021 season has ended. Next year I plan another three to 4 climbs and I very much look forward to them.

yuzhu peak climbing

Our Team

Mountaineering China is a brand of Asia Odyssey Travel. We provide 5,000-8,000 meters mountaineering one-stop professional service, committing to realizing everyone’s dream of snow-capped mountaineering. We deeply believe that nature is the best holy land for spiritual in life. The mountaineering activities bring us beyond imagination experience.

We closely cooperate with Sichuan Province Mountaineering association, Qinghai Province Mountaineering association, Yunnan Province Mountaineering association, Xinjiang Mountaineering association.

We devote ourselves to providing the following mountaineering services:
Mount Everest 8,848 meters
Mount Muztagata 7,546 meters
Mount Yuzhu 6,178 meters
Nama Peak 5,588 meters
Mount Bogda 5,445 meters
Haba Snow Mountain 5,396 meters
Mount Siguniang (Dafeng 5,025 meters, Erfeng 5,276 meters, Sanfeng 5,355 meters)

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