Equipment checklist for mountaineering trip in China

January,09 2022 BY Mountaineering China

Here provides you with downloadable documents for mountaineering trip in China, making it easier for you to check the equipment you need to prepare.
Personal Items Body Equipment Specification Yes/No
Head Fleece hat Wool or fleece hat can cover ears  
Sun hat Available provided by group, if need dome hat, please bring your own  
Headlights Headlights and spare batteries (the spare battery requires over 5 hours)  
Eyes Snow goggles Snow goggles or sports sunglasses,UV380-400  
Face Headscarf Headscarf or face mask  
Sunscreen SPF 50++++  
Mouth Lipstick Important in plateau  
Body Body layer Quick-drying underwear, sweat-wicking and warm underwear  
Middle layer Fleece, cotton or down clothes  
Windproof and waterproof layer Fully waterproof jacket with three-layer rubber
Outer layer Filling capacity over 200g down jacket  
Hands Thin gloves Fleece or soft shell materia  
Thick gloves Waterproof gloves with cotton (for summit)  
Feet Sock Cashmere socks(several pairs)  
Hiking boots High-top waterproof boots  
Gaiters Waterproof and anti-dirty  
Sleep Sleeing bag Over 1000g for male, over 1200g for female  
Moisture-proof mat Avaible for rent  
Drink Thermo jug Suggested 800ml  
Walk Bag Available for rent  
Packet Suggested 25-30L  
Alpenstocks Suggested two alpenstocks  
Technical equipment Equipment Quantity Note
Helmet 1 available for rent
Seat belt 1
Ascenders 1
Descender 1
Ict axes 1
Crampons 1
Mountaineering boot 1
Other personal items Prepared by personal requirements  
care products
Passport, personal medicines, toiletries,Masks, tissues, wet tissues, etc.
Personal cutlery (fork, spoon etc.), 4-5 road meals, Mainly dry food (the gastrointestinal function at high altitude is weakened, first consider eating it) Raincoats Essentials

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